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Raynal et Roquelaure - Capdenac

 The return of canned food :
" Since January 2000, Raynal et Roquelaure (Cofigéo group) has been operating from a new plant of 6,200 sq.m. at Capdenac (Aveyron, France). For this new plant, rationalization of the production lines and hygiene have been at the forefront of their minds …
… Preparation of meat : the room for meat preparation is equipped with several units to handle the portions of meat. Three Lutetia churning machines are used in particular to defrost, massage and cure meat under vacuum. The defrosting operation is carried out by injecting steam at a controlled temperature. Rotation ensures uniform curing" RIA N ° 604 6 July 2000

Raynal et Roquelaure : a new plant
 Ready-made meals - the riposte of the sterilized solution :
" From the atmosphere of the gourmet cuisine of the workshops in downtown Capdenac, Raynal et Roquelaure has moved to a new plant producing some 15,000 t of sterilized meals where the 3 key words are : flexibility, flavour and safety.
… Preparation of meat : for the manufacture of sausages, lardoons and minced meat Equipment : ….. Lutetia churners. " Process N ° 1161 June 2000
GMD (Monfort) - Maubourguet
 The foie gras from the South-West of France has been domesticated :
" At GMD's (groupe Monfort-Grimaud), better known to the public by the brand name of Monfort, the foie gras of the South-West is an institution . It's worth a visit !
… Sliced and smoked fillets of duck breast : the P3 unit houses a slicing and vacuum-packaging line for dried and smoked fillets of duck breast : equipment and liquid smoke from Lutetia, … "
RIA N ° 594 - september 1999

The solution at Beauchamp Salaisons
 La pasteurization :
" The international showcase of equipment manfacturer Lutetia, the Beauchamp Salaisons plant has successfully married knuckles of ham and pasteurization. It makes these products for Herta, Intermarché, Stalaven, Géo, Impérator, etc.
… and in 1996, this helicopter engineer even set up his own company, a meat salting plant, which resulted from a long-term friendship and a close collaboration with Pierre Thirode for whom his admiration knew no bounds " A genius in food-processing " he says. As a result, the Beauchamp Salaisons plant is exclusively equipped with machines designed by Lutetia, ranging from the massagers to thermoformers, sealing machines and injectors ! …. " RIA N ° 592 - June 1999
Beauchamp salaisons
 Pierre Millot, the plant manager explains the processing of his traditional knuckles of ham :
" Beauchamps Salaisons has developed a process to make a traditional pasteurized knuckle of ham with no loss of weight. The ageing tests developed in collaboration with Adria and validated by the veterinary services, show that the bacteriological quality is guaranteed 75 days with stress periods at 8° - a highly-coveted performance at the moment !
My product is flawless and we have not had any problems. The bacteriological analyses have always been negative.
The Lutetia equipment, notably the massager and its defrosting / salting system prevents any loss in weight while limiting human intervention. The ventilated steam cooking process, whose cooking tables have been validated by Lutetia and by Adria, allows us to fully maintain the organoleptic qualities of the products.
the flash pasteurization developed within the cookers on full or cut knuckles of ham is a thermal surface treatment which eliminates microbiological contaminations prior to the packaging operation." ." RIA N ° 592 - June 1999

Rivière - Castelnaudary
 Cofigeo groups together its charcuterie activities :
" …. Rivière Sa, which is well-known for its cassoulet, is going to complete in 1999 an investment programme to have a high-performance information system. The target is the development of fresh cassoulet … defrosting and brining : three Lutetia churners ensure, before poaching, the defrosting and brining of the raw materials which are to be conserved in fat" RIA N ° 587 - January 1999
 Cofigeo groups together its charcuterie activities :
"By investing FRF230 million, without counting its new site at Ablis, Géo now has a state-of-the-art facility to group its productions together… Massaging ham under vacuum : the ham-massaging workshop includes five 4-tonne churners and seven 2-tonne churners supplied with meat by suction ducts. The massaging time varies from 12 to 20 hours. " RIA N ° 569 May 1997
 A high-performance tool for traditional products :
" En 1987, Michel Jacquet, PDG actuel de Morteau saucisse créait sur 900 mètres " In 1987, Michel Jacquet, Morteau's present chairman and managing director, set up a production unit on 900 sq. m. with 4 employees. Today, with the new plant of 3,500 sq. m. and a production capacity of 1,500 tonnes a year, he achieves a turnover of over 5 million euro with a staff of 40 … " yes " to country products but made using high-performance technologies such as cooking under vacuum in the final packaging for example for the cooked and smoked ham proposed by Lutetia or massaging dry products for the production of dry smoked ham and dry sausages, etc. "
Process N °1125 march 1997

Jambon du liévinois
 Mini-hams cooked in their final packaging :
" … among the advantages provided by cooking under vacuum in the final packaging, we can point out that no cooking plates are required and that a lot of time is saved as a result of the absence of the repackaging operation after cooking and before dispatch. Last but not least, this technique provides a shelf life of over 45 days,… " RIA N ° 561 - september 1996


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