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Liquid pepper
" … Ground pepper often poses problems in applications: uneven product, poor solubility, presence of agglomerates, hardly convenient packaging, … Lutetia worked on the subject and found a reliable solution for liquid pepper. Extract of black and green peppercorns from Madagascar, not ionized, bacteries are eliminated from the product by thermal treatment and the product therefore complies with the microbiological standards relative to spices … " Process No. 1159 - April 2000
Partnership between Lutetia and Praxair
Cryogenic cold and massager: " Praxair and Lutetia join together in the field of IQF freezing for PAI (intermediate food products). The technology proposed by these two companies is based on the use of a massager equipped with a specific device to inject cryogenic gas in a reliable and continuous way, … "
RIA No. 601 - April 2000
" … The Praxair companies, one of the world leaders in the supply of industrial gases and Lutetia, a specialist of massagers with more than 60 % of its turnover achieved with exports, have discovered a possibility of synergy by associating their know-how, …"
Process N ° 1159 - avril 2000
High-dispersion pepper
" Lutetia has developed a liquid pepper which disperse well in all the preparations … "
RIA N ° 599 - février 2000
To optimize sea products
" To meet the requirements of the manufacturers of the sea product sector, in terms of biochemical, microbiologic and organoleptic quality, Lutetia has developed a series of processes and equipment units such as defrosting in massager or in cooker, curing by injection, smoking in massager and drying / smoking in a cookerl … " Process No. 1157 February 2000

Cooker with air control valve
" Answering the manufacturers who demand more and more features, Lutetia has recently launched the Monoblock cooking / smoking cooker. This general-purpose cell can be used either for steaming / smoking, or for dry cooking. The Monoblock unit is also suitable for smoking by means of liquid smoke, … " Process No. .November 1999
The suppliers' strategy :
The Lutetia massagers turn towards versatility
" This dynamic small and medium size company has developed an original concept :
The consolidation of processes into one single operation which allows to carry out several processes with the same unit. This strategy has paid off and Lutetia has already sold 5,000 massagers all over the world " RIA No. 594 - techno special issue - October 1999

Equipment : the focus is on versatility and hygiene
" Among the significant changes which have occurred in this decade in the equipment of the food-processing industry, we can quote their versatility in production and their intrinsic hygienic character … In an other sector, the meat salting industry, with the " consolidation of processes into one single operation ", the elegant designation for this type of strategy dear to the Lutetia company, can carry out simultaneously in the same churn the defrosting of the meat, its brine curing, and even mix it with other ingredients (spices, etc.).
In fact, beyond the meat curing industry, the same unit can be used in other sectors, that of ready-made meals for example, to defrost raw materials, to massage, to cook, to chill, etc. " Analyse - techno special issue - October 1999

Massager for dry cured meats
" In order to master the regularity of the production of dry cured meats (dry ham, Coppa, Pancetta, etc.) in the respect of recipes and traditions, Lutetia proposes a new approach which intervenes notably at the level of the massaging of meats and which is going to increase the productivity of the further processes, … "
Spécial IPA - Process Viande - Process No. 1142 October 1998
Smoking : new cookers
Lutetia has just launched a new generation of cookers suitable for smoking by pulverizing liquid smoke. A process whose main advantage consists in being more functional and more regular, … " Process No. 1139 June 1998
Lutetia : the know-how
" … In brief : rotary cooking as developed by the Lutetia engineers obviously shows that the use of a massager can also go together with a tasteful and qualitative cooking. " Télex cooked pork meats, salt meat - No. 14 June 1998

The massager which cools at the same time
" Lutetia and Aga have developed the controlled cryogenic chilling of food formed in a massager. As a result, a bigger flexibility of the process … "
Industries et techniques October 1997
For fruit and vegetables as well as for meats
Lutetia has developed the concept of the universal massager
" … To defrost, to cure, to flavour, to cook, to chill, the new conception of the Lutetia massager makes it possible to carry out all these operations. After focussing on the massaging of hams and the coating of IQF products, this equipment manufacturer is now focussing on fast defrosting, … " Process No. 1129 July/August 1997
Fruit processing

" Lutetia proposes a defrosting system under vacuum for fruit in a massager.
It is based on two principles which occur simultaneously…

The advantages are as follows :

  •  A perfect integrity of the fruit.
  •  Defrosting takes place within a very short time,
    For example two hours and ten minutes for blocks of strawberries weighing 25 kg·
  •  The elimination of losses on the volume to be defrosted ·
  •  Very rapid return on investment. "

    Le monde du surgelé (The world of deep-frozen food) - May 1997
  • The liquid smoke
    " As a result of the elaboration method used, the liquid smoke does not contain harmful tars or benzopyrenes. Fire hazards, scaling and the risks of polluting emissions to the atmosphere have been eliminated. It is very easy to use. A very ecological process. " RIA No. 544 October 1996
    New concepts for cured meat
    " … So a new and softer liquid smoke, which provides a delicious taste and a quality smoking process… " Technologies de l'alimentaire (Technologies of food) September 1996

    Defrosting "to save time"
    " Around thirty defrosting massagers are now in operation worldwide … But Lutetia has also customized this equipment to meet the demand of manufacturers in the ready-made meals based on tuna fish. This system is also used by a Spanish company in the food-processing industry for the defrosting of cephalopods, … "
    Produits de la mer (Seafood) No. 38 August/September 1996

    Developments in curing cooked ham
    Operation under continuous vacuum for a regular production, of constant quality with an automation of the massaging cycles and with automatic load and unload operations. This company also proposes to carry out, in a single operation, the massaging and curing operations as well as the fast defrosting under continuous vacuum. The combination of these processes reduces the duration of the operation.
    It is now possible to carry out a complete cycle within 24 hours instead of the usual 48 hours which are required for defrosting only... " Process No. 1117 June 1996

    A solution for defrosting in the field of cured meat
    " … That is why Lutetia has attempted to meet the new manufacturers' expectations with a new technology which requires less time, less energy, less space and less labour … " Le monde du surgelé (The world of deep-frozen food) - March 1996


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