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Poivre liquide
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Poivre liquide
Fumée liquide
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Fumée liquide

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Nos ingrédients

Manufacturers use them by hundreds of tons every year : ingredients are essential to foodstuff preservation and preparation.
This industry has won acclaim and expanded in a significant way in the recent years.
Whatever the reason, solubility, homogeneity, colour, aromatic qualities, safety and hygiene, or to meet the legislation in force, manufacturers often encounter some difficulty in applying them.
This is the case in particular with ingredients such as the indispensable pepper or smoke for salt meat and fish, ready-made meals, preserves or some specialities.

Lutetia, with several decades of experience in curing and massaging, with its presence within the production units, has been developing solutions which really improve production processes.

Nous vous proposons toute une gamme de fumées et de poivres liquides aux principes actifs et gustatifs particulièrement élevés
et qui ont fait l'objet de soins minutieux pour répondre
à toutes vos exigences.We provide you with a wide range of liquid smokes and peppers with particularly active principles which give effective taste. These products have been given every care to meet all your requirements


Improve your production with LUTETIA

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