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Thermoformers / Sealing machines

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 Your advantages ...

Increased productivity : by substantial saving of time, in particular with the defrosting operation, thus making our units highly cost-effective with optimum return on investment.


Improved yields : our technology noticeably improves your yields as regards raw material while respecting the quality of your products.

3. Reliability : our units have been designed to withstand the most aggressive conditions without any consequences as regards accuracy, our equipment has benefited from the many years of collaboration with manufacturers.
4. Functionality and versatility : our units are easy to clean, they can also be adapted to suit your productions.
5. Robustness : our units have benefited from a wise choice as regards the components so as to provide easier use and maintenance.

 There is no efficient production plant if there is not a high-performance, reliable and upgradable production tool.
This is the reason why we have been designing and developing production equipment to meet our customers's requirements for 30 years.

Over 8,000 units have been sold so far to equip production units worldwide.

Vacuum massagers, injectors and tenderizers, cooking, steaming, smoking and defrosting cookers, sealing and thermoforming units. All these units have been designed to optimize your production processes and improve your yields.



Improve your production with LUTETIA

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